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193: Worth Remembering: Starting Small

Remembrance is a sacred act. We wanted to throw it back and share with you one of Havilah’s first seasons’ episodes where she shares her journey from doing an online YouTube study with a max audience of 20 (counting her mother) and getting discouraging feedback. She shares the process of growing her audience in pace with the Lord’s leading and by making small but healthy steps forward.

Wherever you are right now in the call and purpose on your life, do not diminish it! Sowing tiny seeds still can grow into a full harvest if watered well and sown on fertile soil. Do not diminish your hope for the harvest by the size of the seed. As we take this moment to share this episode in the freshness of Havilah’s announcement of being the Women’s Pastor at Bethel Church, we thought it would be a good reminder that she started small. She was faithful with whatever God placed in her hands, she took initiative and kept stewarding well whatever opportunities she took hold of. Be encouraged as you listen to this episode and know that whatever it is you’re doing right now – will lead to even greater things in Jesus’ name!

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