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188: Marriage Is… Series Episode 1: Connection Codes

Havilah has been getting so many messages and emails about marital struggles. She wants to get you resources and help in the best way she can! One of the things that has been so helpful for Havilah has been Connection Codes. Listen in as Havilah interviews Dr. Glenn and Phyllis Hill, creators of the Connection Codes Courses. It applies not just to marriages but to parent/child and family relationships, work relationships, roommates and friendships. We are hardwired for connection and identity. How our brains work and how our bodies are triggered by what happens in the brain are all factors in how we experience one another and the world around us. Get ready to take notes because this will help you immensely in whatever relationships you’re struggling with!They are offering an exclusive code: home25 for Havilah’s community to give you 25% off their course! Click HERE to get the discount!

BONUS: Free 3-Day Course is happening right now and link is here: 3-day course and follow them on Instagram here.

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