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185: Cunnington Catch Up

Havilah has so many things she wants to catch you up on today!

Remember when the Cunnington’s started asking God if they were in the right place back in June? Remember when they visited Nashville? Tune in to hear their new thoughts on this and where God is leading them.

Havilah shares the importance of really leaning into what God has for them instead of doing it and then asking for blessing in it. Waiting sucks, we get it! But waiting on God is never a bad idea.

Havilah shares encouragement if you’re in a season where you don’t know what’s next and you’re longing for something different. What you have control over is today! So let’s focus on the one thing you can do to give God glory TODAY.

You won’t want to miss the BIG NEWS that came out of a meeting with a few Bethel leaders recently and how it affects everything else in their world. Did someone say new home?

Havilah is excited to dive head first into something new and we hope you stick around for the ride!

P.S. Make sure you go back and listen to our Boundaries Series we did last month!

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