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123: How to Have your Life Not Suck with Bianca Olthoff

In today’s podcast, I get to have a chat with my great friend Bianca Olthoff.

She’s a like-minded bold woman, a wife, mother, preacher, author, and pastor. We reminisce a bit about how we met, connected and have stayed friends over the years.

She’s written a brand new book called “How to Have Your Life Not Suck: Become today who you want to be tomorrow.

In the book, Bianca unpacks lessons she’s learned from her own mistakes and heartache, this field guide will help you avoid unnecessary detours on the path to your best self. With her signature wit, engaging stories, and brilliant insights from a counselor friend, Bianca gives spot-on advice for adulting, career, relationships, and faith. Following the biblical story of Ruth and Naomi, Bianca’s humorous and honest anecdotes will empower you to create a successful life and discover all you can be.

To learn more and order Bianca’s new book visit: https://www.biancaolthoff.com/notsuck

You can also learn more about Bianca and follow here:

Instagram: @biancaolthoff