How Can I Serve You?

This page is designed to provide you with an overview of how I might best serve you and your community, along with a taste of what you can expect when we’re together. Please take a look and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

What You Can Expect

Prompt and professional email and phone event communication

We'll announce the event through Havilah's social media platforms

After your event, our team will follow-up with you for feedback

Types of Events

Havilah would love to consider joining you for your next event. Here are a few types of events she’s successfully partnered with. Contact us if you have questions.



Havilah would love to consider joining your next women’s retreat, conference or one-night gathering. INVITE HAVILAH



Havilah would love to consider joining your next student retreat, conference or one-night gathering. INVITE HAVILAH



Havilah would love to consider joining your next church service, conference or leadership event. INVITE HAVILAH

Thoughts from Havilah

Requested Topics

Keep Calm & Finish Strong

This Bible Study Series teaches the importance of renewing your mind and what that looks like practically on a daily basis. LEARN MORE

I Do Hard Things

This Bible Study Series is helpful whether you’re a new or seasoned believer. It will teach you how to persevere through hard times. LEARN MORE

Radical Growth

This Bible Study Series approaches the subject of how to examine the garden of your heart. Our lives must be cared for like a garden. LEARN MORE

Hearing the Voice of God

We were created to hear the voice of God and encounter Him. Havilah loves to teach on learning and growing to hear God’s voice. LEARN MORE

Becoming A Voice

This series will help you discover purpose and ultimately leave you encouraged and empowered to become the voice God has designed you to be. LEARN MORE

Knowing Your Prophetic Personality

In this teaching Havilah breaks down and simply describes four prophetic personality traits: Hearer, Seer, Knower & Feeler. LEARN MORE

what others say

  • "Our church had never experienced anything like it! Havilah Cunnington’s ministry is naturally supernatural... our people didn't want to leave!"
    Mark TuckerSenior Pastor, New Life Community Church
  • “It has been a true joy to see my daughter Havilah’s gift of teaching and ministry mature. Havilah has an extraordinary ability to use humor and personal vulnerability to open your heart, and then a clear grace to practically guide your understanding into healing and freedom.”
    Francis AnfusoSenior Pastor, The Rock of Roseville
  • "Havilah Cunnington is an emerging voice that speaks with authority, clarity, and a pure hearted passion for the Church. She has a unique grace to minister and encourage people to fulfill their God-given destiny."
    Dean DeguaraPastor, New Life Community Church
  • "Havilah is a woman of character and she radiates passion for Jesus. She is highly developed in revelatory giftings, yet she is able to be naturally supernatural. I highly recommend Havilah, as she represents an emerging new breed of  prophetic ministers that walk in power and humility."
    Sean SmithSean Smith Ministries
  • “Havilah is one of the most gifted ministers I know. Her ministry is simply pointing people to Jesus. It is refreshing and powerful. I count it an honor to call Havilah my friend, and am glad to be running with her."
    Banning LiebscherJesus Culture
  • "Growth happens slowly. There is no such thing as overnight success in the kingdom; only incremental growth."

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