The pathway to the radical growth you’re wanting is not complex. It’s not some unattainable, envy-provoking vision or dream meant to torment you with its impossibility. However – let’s be honest, no one has a vibrant life by accident. No one has a flourishing garden unintentionally. Simply put, vibrant living looks like a life grown on purpose.

Radical Growth

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Quotes From The Book

  • "Growth happens slowly. There is no such thing as overnight success in the kingdom; only incremental growth."
  • "Our ability to grow good fruit is directly linked to how much I trust God. Do we believe He is a good gardener?"
  • "Truth does not change. It transcends ALL things; age, race, generation, circumstances, economic status, celebrity, education, etc. The truth in God's word will never die or grow old and out of date."
  • "The confidence we gain from knowing we can go through the darkest of times and trust His ability to hold us, gives us perseverance and matures and deepens our faith."
  • "Many times it is the hard moments in life that shake us to the point where we surrender to Him."
  • "The honest and good heart is a heart that hears the Word of God, trusts the author and takes it in immediately."
  • "Gratitude allows us to feel a shift, without anything changing but our perspective."

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