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Get ready for some real talk on life, church, and relationships. I’ll share practical steps, Biblical wisdom, and plenty of laugh-out-loud, blush-worthy moments that will have you breathing a sigh of relief saying, “Thank goodness, I thought it was just me.”

Havilah's Podcast

Havilah's Podcast

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Havilah pulls from over 25 years of full-time ministry to have honest, relatable conversations around topics that matter. Tune in to her YouTube channel for uncomplicated Biblical truth and practical tools for your day-to-day life.

Real-talk on life,
church, and

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Uncomplicating Spiritual Truth

Equipping Lasting Leaders

You’ve been given a unique set of gifts from God for a purpose. But here’s the thing — on your journey to changing the world, do you know what you need to live out your God given call? Let’s get clear + find what you need most in this season to get started, amen? I’ve got my confetti ready for you!

Let’s Get Clear

Wanna know more? Read my story here!

At 17 years old, in the backseat of a car on the way to a party, I heard the voice of God speak to my heart and say, “There’s more to life than this! Come follow me.” With tears in my eyes, I instantly yelled out to those sitting beside me that I had a call on my life and they were welcome to join, but I was going to serve God.

Flashforward to today - I’m that same woman with a fire in my spirit to chase after all that God has called me to while helping others do the same through my bible studies, courses, and academy. 

Because you know what, friend? Life is too short + God is too sweet for you to keep hiding what you’ve got from this world.


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I’m an author and a speaker, or should I say expert suitcase stuffer, instead? I love traveling around the world and getting to meet you in person when I teach! The global Church is such a beautiful thing.

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Take the complication and guessing game out of learning biblical truth. Do them solo or get your girl gang to join you!

Online training to help you develop your communication skills. 

Your community of spirit-led women on a mission to live powerful lives.

Your Path


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I’m spilling the unfiltered truth about life, relationships, ministry, and leadership. Get ready to laugh, or maybe blush, as you say, “hey, same here!” more than you thought possible. Listen where all major streaming is available!


Where are my avid podcaster listeners or my ladies on-the-go?! This one’s for you.


SO refreshing! 
I love this podcast. I’ve learned so much from all the topics shared. I love that Truth to Table is not afraid to talk about the hard stuff! God is so good and has definitely used this podcast to minister to my heart.

A must listen for women.
I absolutely love this podcast! Each and every time I turn it on I am blown away by the wisdom and encouragement that I receive. It’s full of applicable advice and relatable stories. So much love for Havilah!

The reviews are in

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When I’m not preaching or teaching around the world, you can find me being the world’s biggest homebody. So here’s my little corner of the internet where you’re invited to sit on the couch with me and help me pick out what outfit to wear next or learn how I decorate and DIY. Get your comfy pants on (you know the kind - no waistbands needed here) + pour that cup of coffee in your go-to mug, because we’re about to get cozy!

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