Lead & Feed: Leadership Lessons for Life

Lead & Feed: Leadership Lessons for Life


We are all called to lead in some way, shape, or form. Whether you are leading yourself, your family, the local soccer team, or a fortune 500 company you are a leader. In this series, Lead and Feed, Havilah Cunnington examines four key areas that every individual must be aware of if they are to be an effective leader. In session 1, Havilah explains the link between obedience, favor, and opportunity and challenges listeners to examine their motivation to lead and influence. In session 2, Havilah teaches on the danger of comparison and its link to the spirit of strife. In session 3, Havilah teaches on the power of learning to persevere and exposes the lie that every day in the Christian walk is going to have a $20 moment. In session 4: Havilah evaluates the spirit of fear and reveals how the enemy uses fear to distract, depress, and destroy leaders.

Disc 1 – Obedience: An Opportunity

Disc 2 – Comparison: The Doorway to Envy

Disc 3 – Perseverance: The Pathway to Promise

Disc 4 – Do It Afraid: Exposing the Spirit of Fear

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