DAY 12: I Can Do Some Things

DAY 12: I Can Do Some Things

When it comes to boundaries, only you, with the help of the Holy Spirit, will be able to set them at a healthy place. Your life, time, and relationships are yours alone and they require tailor-made boundaries and limits. My boundaries and limits will not work in your life, nor your’s in mine. This is why it is crucial that we personally cooperate with the Holy Spirit and the Word of God to give us clear boundaries. Tomorrow, we will talk about what the Bible says should be within our boundaries and what are non-negotiable. But today, I want to talk about this truth: just because we can do something doesn’t always mean we should.

Galatians 6:2-5  clearly outlines some boundaries, limits, and property lines we all should be operating in. Paul says in the first phrase, “Carry each other’s burdens.” The word burden here means an excessive and crushing load. It gives us the picture of a huge boulder. Paul is saying if you see someone who has a crushing and excessive boulder in their life, help them! Don’t leave them! Helping others do what they cannot do for themselves is sacrificial love and honors God. Paul is stating that we are responsible “to” each other. We are each other’s family and when someone is hurting, it is our job to help them. But only for a short time.

Verse 5 states, “Each one should carry their own load.” The word load means a burden or cargo of daily toil. It gives us a picture of a backpack. Paul is saying each of us should carry the backpack, or the daily toil, we’ve been given. He states we are all expected to carry our own load. So, when we see someone who is working hard and laboring over their daily tasks, it is what God designed them to do. Labor and hard work are part of God’s plan and it’s important we don’t step in the way of it. If carrying each other’s boulder is being responsible “to” someone, then letting someone carry their own burden and/or backpack is not being responsible “for” someone.

The Bible is saying we each are to carry our own load. But if someone gets in trouble with something that is too big to take care of on their own, we can step in for a moment and help them. But we are not created to carry everyone else’s backpack. They were created for theirs. We get in trouble when we begin to take everyone else’s load and make it ours. God specifically designed a load for you. This backpack is part of His design and it keeps us dependent upon Him for our daily happenings.

If you continue to hold someone else’s backpack for very long, you will not be able to carry your own load as well. God did not create you to carry more than you can hold. So, for some of us, it will require us being more obedient to God. It may require you understanding that you are not more productive, more valuable, and more blessed because you are doing things for others that they should be doing for themselves. In fact, you may be getting in the way of what God is trying to do in them. I know this may not have been your understanding up until this point, but now you know what God expects and it’s time to change.


  1. Sandy 4 years ago

    Thank you – this is wonderful! Very timely!

  2. Jessica 4 years ago

    My dad and I were having a conversation about this issue of “carrying each other’s backpacks” minutes prior to me reading today’s study! God is so timely! Thank you for sharing your insight. Bless you Havilah!

  3. kristy 4 years ago

    Thank you God!!! I needed to read this!!! I read this twice. I know, that I can’t take on the burdens of others, can I help most definitely. The load that God designed for us is for us… I can only carry what God has design for me.

  4. Patty 4 years ago

    Great message! Love the explanation between Burden and load, it helps me understand so much better. Also, a key sentence is “But only for a short time”. I believe that if you don’t have healthy boundaries, this short time becomes much longer than it should be very easily. Thanks Havilah for all your Blessings of teaching!

  5. angie 4 years ago

    Definitely needed to hear this. Thank u =)

  6. Amelia Gaillard 4 years ago

    Doing less for people really frees us up to do the “more” when they really need it.

  7. Elise 4 years ago

    This is so true, I always tend to carry others burdens so much that It weighs me down spiritually and mentally. I do it so much that I feel like I neglect myself. I feel like I’m always responsible for everyone’s relationship with God when in reality I may be getting in the way of it! This was a real eye opener.

  8. Julia 4 years ago

    This is a hard word, but one I needed to hear on this day. Thank you, dear sister.

  9. Lisa J Wood 4 years ago

    What a great analogy! I’m watching loved ones in this situation right now. And they will soon be giving back the backpack, with God’s guidance and help. Love this one. And it’s a powerful way to live, drawing the necessary boundaries to remain balanced in life. Great message! Thank you.

  10. Peggy Stivers 4 years ago

    This lesson today spoke volumes to me… 🙂

  11. Crystal Preston 4 years ago

    That was good teaching on burdens & loads.

  12. Melinda 4 years ago

    I needed to hear this today! Thank you!

  13. Melinda 4 years ago

    What about the ‘crushing load’ of being a long-term caregiver for family members who are unable to care for themselves? That is the role of my husband and I, for my aging parents (terminal illness & early alzheimer’s) and for one of our adult children (significant disability). There are not other family members in the area to assist us. There are not the finances available to hire other help. Government assistance has only minimally come through. We are carrying their backpacks, so to speak. They can not carry their own.

  14. Kandee Mamula 4 years ago

    This is a great reminder for all of us today: Saying “Yes” to the right things, the ones God planned for us, is a real key to healthy and balanced living, as we grow in maturity. I’m going to take some time in prayer today to make sure I’m only carrying my own backpack. Thanks so much, Havilah!

  15. Stephany 4 years ago

    Another hard thing that Holy Spirit and I will be doing is taking back my backpack from those I’ve asked to carry it. Thank you Havilah for challenging me to grow. I appreciate it and this study has been so encouraging! Blessings!!

  16. Kara 4 years ago

    I sent you an air-kiss when you finished today’s lesson! Muah! Thank you for this liberating and affirming message!

  17. Christina 4 years ago

    Wow! Great insight! So glad the teens in the house were able to hear this with me. The now ask me when I am going to watch Havilah! Thank you!

  18. Alison 4 years ago

    YES! So good! I’m learning this. I just actually said no to something I was asked to do that would have put too much on my plate and distracted me from the season I’m in right now with my little boys. I have enough going on for right now and I’m learning that it doesn’t make me any less Christ-like to not be running around like a chicken with my head cut off saying “yes” to every single thing I’m asked to do. I feel like often, people believe that in order to be like Jesus, we have to be going and doing to the point of exhaustion and being stressed out because somehow that is true servanthood. It’s actually super liberating to say no and not allow yourself to feel guilty for it. LOVE the burden/load analogy. Great stuff as always. Preach!

  19. Abbey 4 years ago

    wow! Such simple but profound words today Havilah! This message has been life-changing for me – I’ve listened to it 3 times already! Understanding the difference between ‘backpacks’ and ‘loads’ is truly liberating!

  20. Diana 4 years ago

    I always feel responsible for the happiness of my family no matter how it affects me.
    You have given me food for thought. I cannot play God any more.