When The Pain of Your Past Holds You Back

I know … even as I type this I let out a deep sigh. Pain is hard. Pain has a voice. Pain is genuine, and it can stop us in our tracks, keeping us from living the life we desperately want to live.

As I continue this week with my Facebook Live Mini Masterclasses, I touched on the topic, “When the Pain of Your Past Holds You Back.”

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Posted by Havilah Cunnington on Monday, September 18, 2017

You can watch it here.
Main Points:

1. Understand where the pain originated? (Usually before adulthood)

  • Childhood (Parents)
  • Relationship (Coaches, babysitters, neighbors, etc.)
  • Personality (Perspective, humor, intellect.
  • Physical (Mental, Emotional or Physical)

2. Power of Choice
Choice changes everything. Decided the story you want to live TODAY.

3. Healing Requires Risk
The risk is the only way to build self-esteem. Somethings must be caught and can’t be taught.

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