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1. Blue Kimono + After a quick trip to Target, [who am I kidding … a 2-hour visit] I picked up this little kimono. I have never worn one and always presumed I was too short to make it look good.  I didn’t want to seem like I was wearing a robe. I was wrong and I’m happy I was because it was a nice surprise. I’ll be wearing this little number a lot more this Fall and with jeans.

2. Leather Wedge + My ‘go to’ shoes when I want to wear them ALL day. Adding an ankle strap, sealed the deal to my purchase of these shoes last year. I don’t wear them a ton, but when I do, I always wonder why I don’t more.

3. Comfortable Black Dress + I was just as shocked as you to find a dress to wear in Athletica, but it is the most comfortable dress.  It even delivers a built-in bra. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who loved it … it’s currently sold out. Sad Face.

4. Red Lace Dress + Yes, this was the dress on my IG feed. You helped me decide on what to wear for family pictures and this was a rival. I didn’t end up picking this one but choose to wear at Wonder. I love the red color… and nothing looks better on a blond than red [Grayson calls us yellow haired]. Hurry it’s on SALE!

5. Leather Bracelet + You may have seen Crowning Jewels in the Favorites Room during Wonder… They were my chosen favorite. I love how their jewelry has a message. They sent over this bracelet as a thank you for the opportunity. I LOVED IT! Oh, & they ship too.

6. LIZ CLAIBORNE HEELS + I wore these shoes at Wonder. [No… Not this Wonder but the last one two years ago]. I picked these shoes up on a whim at JCPenny on sale. They’re so comfortable too. I couldn’t find the color I wore, but the style is still available.


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