The Secret to Getting More Done

How do you get so much stuff done? It’s the TOP question I get most days.

As a Mom of four kids, life can get quickly out of control. Not long ago, I found myself buried in laundry, missing important dates, and feeling like life was just too much for me. I’m not a workaholic or a type A person like you might presume. I’m a pretty relaxed Mom who lacks organizational skills. Let’s just say I never made baby books. I’m still praying for the app that fixes this reality. So, in general, I need assistance.

About two years ago I came across the idea of outsourcing. I honestly didn’t even know what it entailed and if I could even do it. The idea of having somebody else do parts of my life almost seemed wrong or downright lazy. A friend of mine (a fellow mom in the trenches) looked at me and said, “Havilah, why don’t you have someone assisting you? How are you getting it all done? You need some help.” The truth was I wasn’t. I was folding laundry at midnight. Burning the candle on both ends. I just assumed this was life. I did more research and learning about what it meant to automate more in my life. Questions like, “Do you want to spend all your time getting things done or could you do the thing only you can do and outsource the rest?” and “Could you make more money not doing that task?” I quickly determined it was possible. It would take some time though. Humility to say, “I don’t need to do everything and it doesn’t get me a bad mom or a lazy person. It makes me a wise Mom who knows where her time is best spent.” It also shows my sons that I’m human and I have limits. It’s healthy for me.

So, I did a quick FB LIVE to catch you up on the details.

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Posted by Havilah Cunnington on Saturday, September 23, 2017


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