How Do I Find Clarity About Who I Am & My Purpose?

I’ve been busy this week writing down some of my best-kept practices and throwing them up in a Facebook Live Master Mini Class series. Didn’t catch yesterday’s class “How To Spiritual Grow In A Busy Life?” You can find it right HERE.

Today is all about CLARITY. Clarity in who you are and your purpose. I’m going to show you where most of us get hung up and our quickest path to finding what you need and how to get it.

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Lets talk about how to find CLARITY about who you are and your true PURPOSE!!

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Posted by Havilah Cunnington on Tuesday, September 19, 2017

How Do I Find Clarity About Who I Am & My Purpose?

1. Understand the difference between Value vs. Effectiveness.
Your value never changes but your effectiveness is determined by how you live.

2. Get Clear on your Purpose VS. Your Progress.
Where is your pain coming from? Is it your lack of purpose or your lack of progress?

3. Define your Calling VS. Your Assignment.
Your calling is a lifetime journey, but your assignment is only seasonal.

4. All growth starts at BASELINE.
Everything big starts out small. It’s not what you start with but how you steward it.

5. Calling is more of a journey and less of a destination.
If we see our lives as a process and less of an event, we will find joy in the moments and deep fulfillment in the adventure.

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P.S. My bonus tip was to take a Strength Finders Test and get clear on your strengths. We seem to be experts in our weaknesses. Why not turn it around?

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