3 Ways to Live with Purpose

I’ve noticed a pattern in people everywhere, in and outside of the church. We are all intrigued by this idea of purpose. We want to know what our purpose in life is. We want to live purposeful and meaningful lives.

I’ve asked the question, and I’ve heard many others ask the question: how do I live purposefully?

As a young girl, I was obsessed with finding my purpose. I was that person running to the front during altar calls praying, “I don’t want to miss your will for my life, God!” I used to think my purpose was a picture God had for my life, and it was my job to figure out what it was.

Later on, I decided purpose is a little different than that. Purpose is more like a pile of legos. When you buy legos, they come in a box with a set of instructions. If you lose the instructions, you’re on your own with how the building’s going to turn out. All you have are the pieces to build something and maybe an idea of what it could be.

Purpose feels like that. You have a pile of legos. You have gifts and graces, but you may not be entirely sure how to use all of those elements to build the life you’re supposed to build.

Life can get hard sometimes because there isn’t a full set of instructions. There are a few instructions, and all the pieces are there, but God wants us to experience the ebb and flow of building with Him. It’s all about relationship with Him.

When it comes to finding purpose, here are a few things I’ve found to be true:

Focus on honoring God and what He’s given you. If you have a desire for purpose, it’s less about a destination and more about honoring God, ourselves, and what we’ve been given. It’s about taking those elements God gives us and using them to glorify Him. Whatever you do, do it unto Him (Colossians 3:17).

Focus on living an effective life. Purpose is a moving target. I’m a writer and a speaker, but I wasn’t necessarily going after all the things I’m doing now. Instead, I was living an effective life, and it brought me to where I am. If we focus on being effective more than we focus on being influential or important or whatever it is, that helps us to live a healthy (ultimately more fulfilling) life.

You are called to be a person of purpose. Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to His purpose.” You are called to have the purpose of God rule in your life. He will not leave you to figure everything out on your own. It’s about building together with Him and living from the truth that He has called you.

When I was that young girl at the altar asking God to show me my purpose, what I didn’t realize was I was right in the middle of it. God’s purpose was already inside of me. The enemy was dangling this idea of purpose in front of me as something for me to chase after. The truth was, I was already living it.

So my question for you is what did God put in you? What does His dream look like for your life?

Havilah Cunnington Author Photo

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